The Value of Integrity

                 Your word. Your bond. Your reputation.  In itself, integrity is an intangible thing.  It is impossible to hold out an arm and say, “Touch my integrity”, and yet we feel it and experience integrity just as much as a part of our being.  Integrity is one of those abstract concepts that we use to define our sense of self and our sense of right and wrong.  Integrity is not something that anyone can take from us, yet many times we are free to compromise our integrity or give it away.  Then we have to wonder, does integrity matter? I submit that the short answer is – yes.  The long answer explains why. 

                 As I stated, our integrity gives us a sense of self, along with our sense of duty and sense of pride.  Even the poorest person can maintain his or her integrity and keep that part of their esteem whole.  The reason is because it is an emotion, the difference is integrity is one people can control purely for his or her own sake.  There are many other emotions that make us who we are, but integrity is one that we keep for ourselves.  By holding fast to those promises and values that we believe in, we are able to maintain our dignity, even in tough spots. 

                When we do not value our integrity and are willing to compromise ourselves, the impact can be two-fold – how we feel about ourselves and how others view us.  Many lessons can be gained from how we behave and the choices we make when no one else is watching.  When we are ready and willing to cheat or to debase ourselves in private, I believe it is no better than doing so in public.  Just because there were no witnesses doesn’t mean we didn’t allow ourselves to give in to temptation – whatever that temptation may be.  When someone does find out about our transgressions, the impact can be swift and severe depending on the situation.  In all cases, if people go back on their word or is ready to back down from their convictions, it sows the seeds of doubt in others.  There will always be a question of trustworthiness from that point on which may never be fully forgotten.   

                As leaders, we are looked at to do the ‘right’ things in tough situations.  We are the example for others to follow. If we allow our integrity to be tarnished, we have lowered the standards for our teams.  I know that I value my integrity above all else.  I would rather hold myself to the true path and course, even if that means failing rather than cheating and having an empty victory.  One last point to keep in mind: Never be afraid to fail if it means keeping your integrity intact. Failure is a lesson taught only through a short-term battle, but maintaining your integrity is the way to win the long-term war.


-Lori Buresh

CEO, The Professional Development Team


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