Information Technology – Backbone or Speed Bump for Business Success?

                We at The Professional Development Team believe information technology is the backbone of business however it comes down to how technology is viewed (and therefore supported) within an organization.  For companies that have a foundation older than about thirty years, it is possible information technology was NOT at the forefront of the business.  The inclusion and incorporation of technology must then be assimilation between existing processes and new education. The divergence between the backbone and the speed bump comes during this integration and eventual support of the technology.  Technology becomes a speed bump when there are large gaps between the business need and the technology capability or purpose.

                Think of it this way, a person buys a car today and is happy.  In ten or fifteen years, does this person have the same car?  If yes, did they maintain it along the way – change the oil, tires etc.? Did they change cars? Information technology is the same way for business – companies need to have IT to succeed much like people (usually) need cars.  However just ‘having’ IT is only the beginning for the technology to truly be an asset to the organization.  First, IT must be aligned with the business need.  What does the organization want to accomplish?  What are the specifics regarding the desired output or knowledge?  That is the first and biggest key to IT success.  Then, technology must at a minimum be maintained but should be upgraded and enhanced along the way.   Once business leaders recognize the need for technology and integrate IT into the forefront of their decision-making (instead of an afterthought) then technology, much like a well-tuned car,  will do wonders for the company.


Lori Buresh          

CEO, The Professional Development Team



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