Productivity and The Professional Development Team

What is productivity? Productivity is a word that many people use yet we all define it a little differently.  The bottom line is everyone wants to get stuff DONE!  Goal accomplishment is not the end however; we have to accomplish goals quickly and with superior results.  If we had the ability to focus on one task at a time, this would be simple but life and work is rarely simple.  Between technology growth and society pressures, we have many activities and devices that take our attention in a thousand directions at once.  The effect of all of the requirements placed on our minds and our bodies is evident – failing relationships with partners, children and even work as well as the physical downslide that can occur.  So what do we do??

We have to get better at being productive which means focusing our time, attention and energy on the things that matter.  How many times are we burdened with tasks that are urgent but not important?  Or Not urgent and not important but we have to do them anyway?  What if we could focus all of our time on the stuff that is important but not urgent so it gets the proper consideration it deserves?   For example, if there is a project due for my class, most people would agree that the right answer is to work on it slowly and get it done early – YEAH RIGHT!  Who has time for that?? Well we all do if we take control of the other things in our lives that get us behind in our ‘work’.  I have the ability to control my schedule and how much time I can devote to a certain task. It is up to me to say NO to other things that impact my ability to focus on the productive stuff.  Instead of being reactive, change over to a proactive position and see how far you can get! 


Lori Buresh          

CEO, The Professional Development Team



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